Questions to Ask When You Get a Car Insurance Quote in Barrie

When you decide to shop for car insurance, you might be tempted to use the same company that your friends or relative use, or you might just go with the company whose television ad you remember. Before you just sign up with the first company you see, take a look at this list of questions to ask. Getting one is a simple process, but you want to make sure you get the best deal.

  1. What is your risk assessment?

A lot of the time, when you ask for an initial car insurance quote in Barrie, you get a number that is based on broad metrics: your age, your gender, the age and model of your car, and what you say about your driving record. Then when the company comes back with a final quote, the number may be a lot higher. They’ll use your neighborhood, your credit score and your actual driving record to determine this number. If the second number is higher, ask them why — then they’ll tell you the factors in your risk assessment. Use this information to decide whether you want to shop around.


  1. What is the deductible?

Many people focus on the premium amount when they buy car insurance. However, a number that can be just as important is your deductible. Unless the other driver is at fault in an accident, you’ll have to pay this deductible when you file a claim and need work done after an accident. Expect a range between $0 and $1,500 — and expect a higher premium with a lower deductible. Make sure you choose a deductible that matches the savings you have on hand.


  1. What discounts are available?

Your insurance premium comes from a calculation of risk, so if you can find ways to reduce that risk, you can get discounts on your rate. Many times, though, agents won’t tell you what those discounts are — and they make more money off you if you don’t think to ask. Some features, such as a car alarm, grades that are a “B” average or above, or purchasing multiple types of insurance from the same company, can all lead to discounted rates. If you park your car in a garage regularly, if you belong to a professional organization that the insurance company recognizes, or if you qualify for another discount that the company offers, you can save some money. But you have to ask first.